Sending or Receiving money locally or overseas?

Pay Day Mart-2 offers Western Union® money transfers to send or receive money to/from an individual in over 140 countries across the world with confidence, knowing that your money is safe and secure as Western Union offers track transfer option, where you can track the information using your MTCN number. With a Western Union cash exchange from Pay Day Mart-2, you have the true serenity in realizing that your cash will arrive precisely when you require it to, and all the more essentially, precisely when they require it.

Just step in and let us know the amount to be transferred or received, the ID proof and contact information of the Recipient or person sending the money, our trained staff will assist you and make sure you get your money immediately or your money is sent to the right person and place securely in few minutes. If you are receiving funds, you can choose to get your transfer in cash at no extra cost!